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West Chester Childcare: Brain Development Activities for Your Child

Posted on 12-05-2014


During the first three years of life, your child’s brain will develop at a phenomenal rate while creating pathways to carry electrical impulses to and from brain cells. This wiring is vital, and will later form the foundation for the acquisition of skills your child will need throughout life. Here are a few ideas to encourage healthy brain development in your child:

Create a paper puzzle

Paper puzzles are a simple way to get your child to exercise problem solving skills. Take a magazine and find a page with a large, simple picture. Cut this picture into four or five pieces and have your child put the picture back together again. You can make this more or less difficult by using more or less complicated images, or by simply cutting smaller or larger pieces. This activity encourages healthy brain development through problem solving.

Play with sand

Build a sandbox in the backyard, or take your child to the beach to play in the sand. Be sure there are plenty of appropriate toys available, such as shovels and buckets. You can teach your child how to make sandcastles and other sculptures. This is a good way to increase your child’s creativity as well as develop both fine and gross motor skills.

Roll a ball

Find a ball that your child will be able to hold using both hands. Sit opposite one another on the floor and roll the ball back and forth between you. Increase the distance as your child becomes more comfortable with this activity.

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